It has been said by our guests that Black Bear Island Lodge offers fishing like no other. A slow day at Black Bear is equivalent to a good elsewhere. 

We are often asked why we have fishing guides. Besides the obvious, wanting our guests to enjoy catching the trophies with no hassle release, our goal is to make you as comfortable as possible. We can even provide bio-freeze for your achy shoulders and sore arms from your 'day's work' of fishing! Another important reason is our lake and the Churchill River. We have available to us to fish over 56 miles. While yes, you may fish off the dock and catch monster fish - it has been done many times - there is so much to explore on the lake. There are rushing waterfalls, rock paintings that date back to the early 1800s (paintings that have lasted that long in the sun and through the rain), monuments dedicated to soldiers - oh, don't forget to ask your guide about Swimming Stone! Our guides are Cree Nation and are native to our area. Most of them have grown up on or around our lake. They know this area as well as you know your living-room. When the boat stops in the middle of the lake or along the shore and your guide says "this is where to drop your line" it's best to do just that! Each of them have their own honey holes that have either been passed down from their ancestors or they have found it on their own. One thing for sure - they like to keep their fishing holes a secret - rarely do they share a handful of locations among one another.

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We allow take home of 4 walleye and 5 pike per license.
Nothing over 29" on Pike and 21" on Walleye.
ASK US WHY......

Included in fishing package

Fully Guided

Boat, Motor, gas


Shore lunch

2 Home cooked meals

Not included:


Fishing License (You'll need to order an annual fishing license if you're fishing over 3 days)

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Fishing Packages


3 Day/ 4 Night................ $2,495 

5Day/ 6 Night ................ $2,995

6 Day/  7 Night ................ $3,195

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Flights in and out of BBIL and La RONGE are scheduled around 6 PM. We use the air services of Osprey Wings Water Base, in
La Ronge.

Osprey Wings (La Ronge Water Base)
1315 La Ronge, SK, Canada S0J 1L0




If you are fishing more than 3 days, you MUST purchase an annual fishing license.