All our hunts include fishing! Check out our 'fish' page for more information on fishing. Black Bear Island Lodge takes pride in our guaranteed hunting policy. Our success rate has been 98% opportunity to sho0t a shootable bear. We have trail cams set up at each of our sites that show evidence of an animal's presence. If it's not what we're looking for, we continue to bait that site, but we move the trail cams to another location. While we can't guarantee bears will come back to the same locations, we can see what's consistent.  
Most hunts take place after shore-lunch. If a site is being hit earlier in the day, we will adjust to that site. While there is no need to bring ladders or stands, you will need to provide your own safety harness.  Scopes are not needed here, your furthest shot will be approximately 25 yards. If you're concerned about what to look for, where to aim - any questions like this, ask DJ while your filling out your paperwork at the lodge. He, as well as our guides, have a wealth of knowledge and BBIL's goal is to see you thrilled with your trophy! 
Our hunts are the last week of May and the first two weeks of June, the last week of August and the first two weeks of September. Each season is open to archery and riffle. You may bring one or both - but please - we can't stress this enough -



For our hunting guests, flights are scheduled for Sunday arrival and Sunday departures. Due to flights out of Saskatoon, be sure to plan an over night stay in civilization upon your departure.


Be sure to register your firearm prior to your arrival date.

You must bring your own hunting weapon. Black Bear Island Lodge will not provide this, but you will still be booked as a hunter.

All hunts include

- Guide



-Meals (3 hot)

-Boat, motor, gas


License and Tags (HAL)

You must set up a one time account with SERM. Once you have your ID set up, you may place your order for your fishing license. You will not need a Lac La Ronge license. If you are fishing longer than 3 days, you must purchase the annual fishing license or a 3 day + a one day license.

Bring your HAL number and know your password or bring the password with you. Once you arrive at the lodge. We will issue your tags and license, but we need your HAL information.

Hunting Package


6 Day / 7 Night


Not included:


Fishing License   Hunting license & tag


Hunting Weapon