There are many options to arriving in La Ronge, SK.
~Typically, people fly to Saskatoon, then rent a car for the 3 and a 1/2 hour drive to
La Ronge.
~Others may fly directly to La Ronge. If you fly directly to La Ronge, we'll arrange for a pick up to the water base where, from there, you will take a float plane.
~Let's not forget the 'brave at heart' travelers! They DRIVE from their home town all the way to La Ronge.  

Regardless your arrival plans, we ask that you arrive to the water base
Osprey Wings by 5:30pm.
1315 La Ronge Ave. La Ronge, SK

You and possibly other groups will be flying in for dinner that evening, so there is no need to stop for supper. 

Have you ever been in a float plane? If not, it's time to adjust your bucket list! We are able to offer wonderful fishing and hunting because our location is extremely remote! Included in our packages, you'll fly over lakes and thick forest for approximately 20 minutes from La Ronge to and from Black Bear Island Lodge. If you look closely, sometimes you'll find a moose or even a bear running through the forest. Without a doubt, you'll see a view like you've never seen before. The vast water and land will amaze you with miles and miles of, well, water and trees! Thank goodness for GPS!

We have provided information below that will help with your travel needs.
LOBSTICK TRAVEL AGENCY has worked with Black Bear Island Lodge since the beginning of days (year 2001 to be exact). They are familiar with our all aspects of travel to our place and can help with flights and car rentals. You may use your travel agency as well, just keep in mind, Lobstick knows BBIL. BBIL nor Lobstick does not receive any compensation between companies, BBIL is not responsible in any way for business done with Lobstick or any travel plans with any other company or plans you personally made.

We highly recommend you stay at a hotel after leaving BBIL. BBIL is not responsible for any flights (other than the flight to and from BBIL & La Ronge)
departure flight from BBIL could be as late as 6 PM



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Many Options for Travel to La Ronge, SK

   - Fly to La Ronge

   - Fly into Saskatoon, rent a car drive to La Ronge

   - Drive to La Ronge


Directions from
Airport Saskatoon, SK
LaRonge, SK Osprey Wings, SK

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Osprey Wings La Ronge Office

Osprey Wings La Ronge Office